Dear AG, what's the worst could happen!?

Dear AG, what's the worst could happen!?

5 April 2019 06:57 am

An Indian national arrived to Sri Lanka has made an investment for a project undertaken by the Board of Water Supply and Drainage, in collaboration with another Sri Lankan, during 2009 - 2010. Mr. Vivek Sharma, the Indian, has invested a total amount of 100,000 US dollars.

The Sri Lankan counterpart of the project has deceived the Indian national and defrauded the amount in the last moment!

Mr. Sharma in January, 2012 has made a complaint in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). Carried the investigations, the file with all allocated documents in regard to the case was submitted to the Attorney General's office by the CID on November, 2012.

No formal procedure for a follow up regarding the incident has been taken up so far by the Attorney General's Department, since the case was first brought up nearly seven years ago; neither was a state's attorney appointed into the case.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vivek Sharma, who is on his way to Sri Lanka once every three months, is being steered to have a hard time as he is trying to enforce the law for justice. But no result has been achieved so far. He is also reported to be a strong Indian business entrant.

In making a query regarding the incident from the Attorney General's office, an officer kindly responded to 'Lanka News Web' that nothing could be discussed with a third party regarding this subject under the Data Protection Act, which we finely understood.

We are also aware of the fact that the Attorney General's Department is being bottle necked with cases intolerable to be solved by either of the officers available, neither do they have any facilities of doing so.

Nevertheless, the incident is a matter of investment, which directly affects the economy of our country. Given circumstances in recent past made Sri Lanka fall into an economic crisis, for which receiving foreign investors would be most beneficial and should be cordial with their corporation. But if this is how a foreign business entrant is being treated by the law enforcement of our country, specially when the incident made a pass to nearly seven years with no fraction of justice, it not only acts precedent, but also is a scam to the image of Sri Lanka. Avoidance as such would also lose more investors on the way to our country.

Therefore, we remind you, that the Attorney General's Department should be acting in a more responsible manner before incidents as such.