Planned Campaign to destroy Minister John

Planned Campaign to destroy Minister John

6 April 2019 08:15 am

Tourism, wildlife and Christian Affairs Minister is today the most senior Christian MP in parliament. He is also the most senior parliamentarian next to the Prime Minister.

He has dominated the catholic belt for four decades with his cavalier style. A product of the well-known catholic school St Joseph’s College Maradana and the Ceylon Law college, he has shown a liking for fun and games. Some compare him to Sir John Kothalawala .

Unlike in the 1960s and 70s when Sir John was in parliament, where only print media dominated, the current John at 79 years does not know how Social Media works. His life style has always been under scrutiny. Often people say he is the best man for the tourism job given that he is an eating drinking man.

So when an Ex member of parliament who is seeking nomination from the SLFP for the same seat decided with a few current MPs to discredit him as the Christian Affairs Minister . The easiest option was to discredit him using vulgar pictures. They knew the Church would then get into the fray and force him out. His party men they hoped would also abandon him . forcing him to retire.

The matter is now with the CID. The CID has asked the support of an international Cyber expert to crack down on the people responsible and initiate legal action. An ex catholic MP is now identified as the person who has socialized the pictures liberally on social media. What is shocking is the level that politics has descended to in Sri Lanka.

There are two pictures doing the rounds on social media. When Minister John Ameratunga was contacted, he told LNW that ''people take pictures with me all over the place. I don’t keep a record. I have always won with a majority of 80000 to 110,000 votes. So I know a lot of people''.