Catching thieves, the most profitable business in Sri Lanka besides theft! - Lanka News Web (LNW)

Catching thieves, the most profitable business in Sri Lanka besides theft!

As of now, the most profitable business in Sri Lanka is catching thieves other than involving in theft, one of the senior officers in Sri Lanka Police Department has informed to Lanka News Web.

 He pointed out that many thugs in and out the political arena have problems with themselves to cope with, however those who are involved in catching them do not whatsoever, because all them subject others to be prosecuted and neither of them are subject to any form of prosecution.

All those who are involved in theft live in fear for their lives, while making up to themselves to cover up their tracks and spending a considerable amount of money out of which had been earned in order of doing so, the officer added. He also said that none of the circumstances occurs to those who catch them as a business, and earn a net profit directly out of it.

What happened during the recent investigations into thefts is now being revealed, and the most profitable venture is their capture, the officer emphasized.


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