Dul from FCID sticks nose into terrorism investigations

Dul from FCID sticks nose into terrorism investigations

26 April 2019 08:25 am

Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Dul attached to the Police Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) is making an inappropriate interference into the terrorist investigations in connection to the Easter Sunday attack, according to reports.

Mr. Dul previously served in the Clearance Division of Police, in time which he was accused to have issued police clearance to LTTE personnel and was suspended from duties. Considering his fluency in English, he was later recruited by the FCID for international relations. He served the purpose for a period of time and was sacked for his gossipy attitude, for alleging colleagues to have involved in bribery.  

But he continued to contact line officers of the FCID and misused resources such as jeeps wherever he wanted.

Mr. Dul reportedly made an inappropriate interference into the investigation in connection to the bombing at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel on Easter Sunday (21), where he made a telephonic interruption to the Wellampitiya police officers who arrested nine workers of a copper factory presumably owned by the bomber, saying that the raiding was unnecessary.

The Wellampitiya police officers informed higher authorities about his attitude.  

The events were reported to the Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasindara, who according to reports has easily ignored the claims and asked the line officers to settle the disagreement for themselves.