Here’s why PM wasn’t invited to Security Council

Here’s why PM wasn’t invited to Security Council

28 April 2019 05:20 pm

Following the devastating wave of bombings carried out by Islamic extremists on Easter Sunday, it was revealed to the country how the national security has been weakened. Consequently, criticism was leveled against the entire political mechanism and bureaucrats responsible for ensuring national security, including the first citizen of the country.

After the Easter Sunday bombings, many controversial facts came to light about the Security Council - where discussions about national security take place and decisions pertaining to the national security are made.

Even though the attendance of the Prime Minister and State Minister of Defense is required for Security Council meetings, after the attacks it was revealed that neither of them was invited to Security Council meetings during the past six months.

A high-ranking official had stated during a meeting that the Prime Minister and State Minister of Defense cannot be excluded.

In response President Maithripala Sirisena has stated, “I don’t have a government (I don't rule the country) with them, you know that. They are not necessary.”

The high-ranking official had suggested that the name ‘Security Council’ should therefore be changed, since such a Security Council is not legitimate.

Sources said the President does not understand what should and should not be done next.

However, several Sri Lanka Freedom Party MPs who are friends with the President had attended the Security Council meeting. Although the President was told that his actions were not fair, according to sources, he did not want to lend an ear.