Easter Sunday bombings: former defense secretary to reveal what really happened

Easter Sunday bombings: former defense secretary to reveal what really happened

29 April 2019 07:36 am

On April 25, Hemasiri Fernando who served as the Defense Secretary resigned from his position stating that he is ready to accept the responsibility for the Easter Sunday bombings if the police has made any mistakes. 

The resignation was given after a cordial discussion with President Maithirpala Sirisena. Reportedly, the President had not requested him to resign, and the former Defense Secretary had stated the he himself decided to resign taking the current situation into account. It was also reported that the President did not agree with Hemasiri Fernando’s decision, and went on to delay his resignation.

The President had requested the Hemasiri Fernando to continue to work as a Senior Advisor to the former. After a discussion with the President, he resigned on April 25.  

But, on April 26, when the President met with heads of media institutions, he stated that neither the Defense Secretary nor the IGP informed him about the gravity of the terrorist attacks. He went on to reveal he came to know about Easter Sunday bombings through a Facebook message shown to him by a friend while he was in Singapore. According to the President, the Defense Secretary and IGP did not inform him about the warnings of terrorist attacks even when they met with the President for Sinhala-Tamil New Year.

The IGP, however, continues to work in his current position. Reliable sources said that the President’s behavior, when he met with Hemasiri Fernando and after that, is completely different.

A leading MP engaged in the field of law has reportedly opposed the President’s behavior. According to internal sources, he is the person who encouraged the President to take action against Hemasiri Fernando. He had further told the President that legal a case can be filed against the former Defense Secretary over the Easter Sunday attacks.

But according to Defense Ministry sources, all relevant parties had been informed of warnings about the Easter Sunday attacks in accordance with institution’s procedures. The President was also aware of this warning, the source emphasized.

Former Defense Secretary is to appear before the Presidential Committee appointed to look into the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks. It is reported that he is preparing to reveal to the country how the country’s national security was weakened - it will reveal the nature of the state of national security and also unveil the parties who are actually responsible and accountable.