Bribery Commission to run investigations on President's Son-in-Law!

Bribery Commission to run investigations on President's Son-in-Law!

29 April 2019 08:52 am

The President's son-in-law has been accounted for investigation by the Bribery Commission.

Thilina Suranjith, son-in-law of President Maithripala Sirisena, has been alleged many times to have involved in bribing which had been obtained by the President's former head of staff I.K. Mahanama and former chairman of State Timber Corporation P. Dissanayake in May 04, 2018. The bribe was caught being obtained in the vehicle park of the Taj Samudra Hotel.    

The bribe was estimated to be 20 million rupees. 

The Bribery Commission had received information that the President's son-in-law was also present in the hotel lobby at the time bribe was obtained, which was later confirmed by the hotel's CCTV footage. 

Learning of the allegations, the President had instructed the relevant authorities on a strong stand to inquire against his son-in-law. President Sirisena had emphasized the authorities that despite Thilina Suranjith being his son-in-law, law should be enforced regardless. 

The President had also informed the Bribery Commission to inquire into any other complaints against him.

Thilina Suranjith therefore is being accounted for an investigation in connection to bribing an amount of 20 million rupees out of a demanded amount of 100 million rupees for handing machinery of Kantale Sugar factory over to an Indian company. He is also under inquiry on many complaints received in connection to corrupt deals he allegedly carried with association of senior tri forces officials.