Who made getaway to Piyal Nishantha?

Who made getaway to Piyal Nishantha?

13 May 2019 08:11 pm

Earlier it was reported that Parliamentarian Piyal Nishantha was summoned to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on May 06 for collecting a statement in connection to the comment he made in a television channel owing to the gunfire occurred between security forces and a group of militants in Kalmunai area claiming that eleven officers were killed in the scene.

 However, according to recent reports, the CID's attempt to apprehend MP Nishantha following his statement was barred by an unseen fist in the government, allowing him the perfect getaway from the allegation.

Whoever the fist had claimed himself to be, apparently he was a powerful man from the government, who happened to instruct the CID to release MP Nishantha, leaving the CID no choice but to obey him.

MP Nishantha featured in 'Rathu Ira' program on Swarnawahini Channel at the time the Kalmunai incident was reported, during which he commented that eleven security officers were killed in the scene according to a message received to him the instance.

Minister Mangala Samaraweera had made a complaint to the CID against MP Nishantha demanding an investigation for promoting false propaganda with no formal inquiry into the information he received amid a tense situation threatening the national security.

MP Nishantha was summoned to the CID following this complaint.

The fist glided from the highest seats of the government apparently pressurizes the CID processes paralyzing them from apprehending the perpetrators of crimes committed during the last government for quite some time.

Per reports, he had informed the CID that such apprehensions would have disfigured his political career.