UNP members' futile attempt to meet Ranil: Did Kabir lie?

UNP members' futile attempt to meet Ranil: Did Kabir lie?

22 May 2019 11:17 am

Dhammika Perera’s name has surfaced as the common candidate in the 2020 presidential election. He has not rejected these reports, instead, requested more time to confirm it.  

In the meantime, a group of senior UNP members had yesterday (21) attempted to meet the Prime Minister to discuss reports about Dhammika Perera’s contesting as common candidate.

The meeting had been coordinated by Minister Kabir Hashim. However, the aforesaid group had not been able to contact Kabir Hashim by yesterday afternoon as his phone was unreachable and his location was unknown.

Consequently, the group of UNP members were not able to meet the Prime Minister.   

As LNW reported earlier, it is the Prime Minister who decided to field Dhammika Perera as the common candidate. But other prominent UNP members not being aware of this decision has caused problems within the party.

Reportedly, the Prime Minister has not yet made any open explanation in this regard.

However, after reports about this decision were published, Minister Malik Samarawickrama had met with the Prime Minister to inquire about it. In response, the Prime Minister had asked Malik Samarawickrama whether the latter had any suggestions for the role of common candidate.

When Malik Samarawickrama said either Karu Jayasuriya or Sajith Premadasa can be fielded for the election, the Prime Minister had stated that both of them incompetent, and what’s necessary is a new face.

The Prime Minister had further stated that in case Dhammika Perera refuses to be the common candidate, he will run for presidency and people like him.