Surgical infertility drama and Police's role

Surgical infertility drama and Police's role

26 May 2019 12:01 pm

Reportedly, an independent board has been appointed in investigating surgical treatments (causing infertility) allegations pressed against Dr. Seigu Siyabdin Mohamed Safi, a medical officer in Kurunegala hospital, who has recently been apprehended over suspicious assets.


The independent board will reportedly be appointed by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) with assistance of the Health Ministry.

Political grounds behind infertility drama and media intervention

The medical officer was apprehended over suspicious assets. However, the publicity was taken a turn in which Divaina Newspaper has claimed he has conducted surgical procedure causing infertility over 4000 times. The propaganda was reinforced by Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) front member Professor Channa Jayasumana, which was later advocated by Rajapaksa clan on a massive scale.

Although no complaints have been made on accounts to surgical malpractice causing infertility, Dr. Sarath Weera Bandara, a supporter to the SLPP, has reinforced the theory by calling in a press conference that medical basis to these claims is sound. The press conference was given a mass media coverage by all media institutes favouring the Rajapaksa clan, conclusive to be one of the biggest attacks made in history targeting a single individual.

So far, there is no concrete evidence to reinforce these claims in police records, to which a heavy political influence claiming otherwise is given. Worse, being a close associate to Minister Rishard Bathiudeen and the fact that he is a Muslim arrested over a complete different charge have been taken into sole purpose of promoting hate and communal disharmony. There is no scientific evidence so far to prove these infertility allegations pressed against the said medical officer.

Police's role in the drama

We, Lanka News Web, have revealed yesterday (25) that there is an unseen fist functioning in the police department into this case as well.

Deputy Inspector General Kithsiri Jayalath is the Officer in Charge for Kurunegala district. His wife is also a medical doctor working in the Kurunegala Hospital; an associate to Director of Hospital Sarath Weera Bandara. When the jurisdiction over suspicious assets possesses by the Bribery Commission, orders to illegitimately apprehend the said medical officer had come through the Kurunegala Officer in Charge. What has happened is now obviously clear.


Severity of probability

If Dr. Sahabdin committed a crime, shall he be enforced by law. But not over allegations strongly influenced by political will and media back up. Law should be enforced unbiased to nations, races or any other differences, if only a crime was committed.

These media bodies, who have been promoting false ideologies that were produced over twisted medical facts, have created panic among general public by acting rather disgustingly.


CID's interference

This most insensitive game that has been played by strong political influence was interfered by the CID. Because the matter should be solved without creating panic among the general public.

The idea to appoint an independent board was followed with the CID's interference. Apparently, it is the most logical decision to make amid such tense situation.

Law enforcement should follow according to jurisdiction of a country. If one has committed a crime, he or she should be prosecuted in accordance with these procedures. However, the said doctor was alleged from the beginning following an agenda shadowy to the public, with sinister motives.