Paskralingem major irritant to SLFP Sirisena Group

Many SLFP Ministers and MPs supporting President’s group are contemplating whether they should join the Joint Opposition.

The reason they say the UNP is running the government and the SLFP has no say what so ever.

The ECONOMIC  COMMITTEE headed by the Prime Minister runs the country. The Cabinet has become a post box to rubber stamp the Prime Minister’s decisions. They say they cannot go to their electorates because they have not helped their people.

 A person who is causing a lot of concern is Paskaralingam, the man who was guilty of gross abuse of power by a presidential Commission. . The man ran away to London during the SLFP days. He has now remerged to become key official for the Prime Minister. He makes sure that SLFP, request are delayed as much as possible.

To get anything done through him they say, he needs to be canvassed. Recently he undertook a trip oversees with a notorious businessman. They alleged it was a pay off for a road project. The man sells the Prime Minister’s name at every turn.  

Some SLFP MPs want the Prime Minister replaced to purely get rid of people like Paskaralingem from the government. The Prime Minister is getting unpopular because of people like Paskaralingem.

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