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It is yet another January 09th. On this day today, we mark our eighth anniversary amidst various happenings in the political sphere - from the murder of ‘The Sunday Leader’ editor Lasantha Wickrematunge 08 January 2009, to the launch of the ‘Thirasara Yugayaka Thewasara Erambuma’ on 08 January 2017.

Amidst a gruesome war, a so-called victory in the midst of genocide, massive corruption topped off with an icing of purported development, we mediated as a responsible media to halt a journey centering on repression and terror and taking the country post haste to dictatorship. We shouldered the task of rescuing Sri Lanka from ‘Nazisation’ despite being banned and faced with thousands of hurdles. History did not stop there. Today, we are engaged in a tightrope walk, caught between hope and hopelessness.

We do not want to use the mere self-proclaimed and unrealistic claims of being ‘apolitical’ and ‘impartial’. We have always been partial – to human freedom – and to human freedom only. In a country where ‘liberalism’ has been painted as ‘imperialism’, ‘dollars’ and ‘NGOs’ and called a devil, we dare to declare that our political philosophy is one of liberalism. Whoever describes that liberalism in whatever manner, our definition of liberalism is ‘human freedom.’ We take the basic concepts as preached by Lord Buddha as our teaching too. It is true that human freedom is comparative from time to time. Whatever the highest cultural achievements made today by the human civilization, we unconditionally appear on behalf of a human freedom that is proportionate to that achievements. That is the single most promise of LNW to the readers who have remained with us for the past eight years and those who will join us in the future too.

Furthermore, it is just one year since we expanded our operations to Sri Lanka. Previously, the prevalent repression forced us to carry out our cyber operations from outside the country. But, within that one year period, we have laid the foundation to come down from the impervious level to the ground level. On one hand, we paid our attention through ‘Nelum Yaya’ to the children studying at schools in difficult areas, while on the other hand we politically went to where the Sri Lankan civil society feared to go before.

Politics is not mere imitation of someone and giving ‘voice-cuts’ in incomprehensible, deep language, but which goes beyond that in a practical and sophisticated manner. In our second year of presence in the Sri Lankan land, LNW will do its maximum to make the right to information a reality for the Sri Lankan people. We will not only appear for the sacred right of the people to know what happens to the tax money that is being levied even on their plate of rice, our teams will also visit the 14,000 villages in the country in collaboration with lawyer Radika Gunaratne, Sri Lanka Press Institute and all other institutions capable of lending support, to raise public awareness on the ‘right to information’ and how ‘information can be obtained.’ Or else, we are ready to unite with the people to break down the ‘iron curtain’ of the politicians that cover up what happens in the state mechanism.

We have just one answer to give to those who remind us of the historic political change that took place two years ago and ask us as to whether that ‘change was a pleasure.’ ‘The change was not pleasurable as thought. But the battle is still on.’

The battle for the people’s freedom to live, freedom of expression, freedom for equality, freedom to information and other human freedoms is not over. As we go on that journey on our ninth year, we request all to join hands with us, while extending our heartiest gratitude to those who have been with us all this while. Lets’ go beyond mere reporting in search of human freedom

- Lanka News Web editorial -

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