Sajith again tries to divide Ranil & Karu!
UNP deputy leader Sajith Premadasa is again conspiring to create divisions between prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and speaker Karu Jayasuriya, say Sirikotha sources. Meeting Wickremesinghe a few days ago, Sajith told him that leaders of the ‘Yahapaalana’ government were plotting to remove him from the position. According to that conspiracy, Jayasuriya is to obtain support of the SLFP to form a government, of which he will be the prime minister, Sajitha went onto say.
Coordinator of the conspiracy is Krishantha Prasad Cooray, head of the UNP communication unit and chairman of Hilton Hotel, he claimed. Now sidelined from the party, Sajith is attempting to topple the PM and become leader himself. At the meeting, Sajith also told Ranil that they should not hesitate to leave the government and sit in the opposition if the SLFP ministers were sabotaging government work.
Ranil initially became worried by Sajith’s ‘revelation’, but it did not take him long to understand his ulterior motive. Coming to know about the incident, Jayasuriya met the PM and said that he was at the end of his political career. He assured the PM that he would retire from politics after ending his present term.
When Ranil proposed Cooray to be a member of the UNP executive committee, Sajith objected, claiming him to be a loyalist of Ranil. The PM made the appointment despite the objection.
Sajith has come to understand that if the PM becomes established in his position, his hope of becoming the party leader would be a dream only. Therefore, he is now back at his old gimmicks, but has already earned the displeasure of the UNP seniors, the sources add.
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