Chrishantha Perera on warpath with Finance Minister
The Sunday Leader on December on the 4th of December 2016 (conflicts of interests in the Monetary board) exposed chrishantha Perera’s Central bank Board Member’s connection with a Primary Dealer Ajith Fernando. 
It is alleged he used the inside information as a Member of the monetary board he has on foreign exchange to benefit his tea company ( Ceylon Tea Brokers) that exports. 
The Finance Ministry has been requested to investigate his dealings within the Central Bank. Another board member on the Central bank is Nihal Fonseka . He is chrishantha Perera’s drinking buddy. Though Fonseka is a good banker, chrishantha Perera’s friendship is clouding his judgment Central bank officials say. 
The other members are not very assertive. chrishantha Perera is doing his best to get Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake out of the Finance ministry through a friend close to the Prime Minister. 
He has told friends that it is the Finance Minister who is planting the stories on him in the Sunday Leader and the Finance Minister does not know his job. 
It is frightening note that people like chrishantha Perera with no academic or professional qualifications are running the policy at the Central bank. Other tea companies are furious that Perera has this undue advantage raised it with a another Minister.
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