Let’s start RTI with Namal!

Namal Rajapaksa, who had played games from Temple Trees with the powers of his ‘proud’ father, was left consigned to Hambantota because the people who had abhorred the family games of the Rajapaksas had dethroned them. The main reason for that was the father, who was having too much of conceit, without giving a second thought, had sought power for a third time, but two years prematurely. Dethroned and back to earth, the ‘proud’ father was the ‘shadow prime minister’ for some time and has now elevated himself to be the ‘facebook president’. The Rajapaksas had a unique talent to make things disappear without a trace and bring things to existence from nowhere. That covered from living beings to hoarded treasures, and various playacts were given to the people, from the economy to the law degree of Namal.

We still remember how Namal tried to be a ‘normal Rajapaksa’ by clinging onto a window at the old home after losing Temple Trees which his ‘proud’ father had to leave in a hurry even before the final results were out. He had his reasons to become so. That ranged from the murder of his bosom friend Wasim Thajudeen to the billion dollars that surfaced from Dubai banks. Anyway, due to whatever a ‘mercy deal’ he has struck with the ‘Yahapaalanaya’ has now begun to work and after two years he is again back to his old tricks. That mercy from somewhere allowed them to come in procession and throw stones at the foundation laying for the Hambantota port industrial park. Our story begins on the following day.

Despite him being the cause for sending more than 50 people to prison for having insulted the judiciary by disregarding a previous court order, Namal got up early next morning and started a question and answer session through facebook. However, he was rendered speechless due to most having questioned his law degree. Almost 80 per cent who had joined in through facebook questioned him over his law university, his lecturers and the manner he sat for the law exam. Namal only answered the very few who had commented about his fair skin and goodness, and stopped the Q & A session, leaving us to find answers ourselves to the questions posed. As far as Lanka News Web knows, Namal had no answers to give on that day.

People have dreams. It is human nature to make attempts to realize those dreams. That applies to Namal too, and we do not question that. But, the question is his having deceived the entire country and the world in order to realize his dreams. And, we question the existence of voters who can be misled by the likes of Namal whose policy is nothing but deception, and Namal’s attempts to gain power once against with the help of those ‘blind’ voters. He may utter patriotism and motherland from the head downwards throughout the day, but he had gone to the white imperialist England to study law. It was said at the time that he was studying at Bristol University. Sometime later, it became Wales University. And in the end, it was City University in London. It is Namal who knows best about these changes.

Exam fraudsters have their own terms to describe what they do. Impersonating at an exam is called ‘placing a horse’. For the whole duration of Namal’s law education, it was said that Indika Karunajeewa did all of his law studies. Indika is the son of the late W. Karunajeewa, former People’s Bank chairman. It was an open secret that Indika was appointed the first secretary at the Sri Lankan high commission in London in order to do Namal’s law studies. No one would know better than Namal himself that it was Indika who did all the theses and assignments to be submitted to the university.

We too, have some questions to ask from Namal:

1.    From which university did Namal obtain his law degree?
2.    Is that institution recognized by the Legal Education Council?
3.    Who has Namal’s personal file?

Some time ago, it was said former chief justice Mohan Peiris had taken Namal’s file away. Anyway, such things cannot be kept hidden, as the right to information act is now in force. Information can be obtained even from England under the freedom of right to information. Now, what we have to ask Namal is – Will you tell the truth, or shall we come out with the truth? That is for nothing. That is on the basis of his having attempted to become the crown prince. That is Namal inherited from his ‘proud’ father of how to ‘place horses’ at the law college.

That goes as follows:
Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was Mahinda Rajapaksa’s friend since their youth. For friendship, no boundaries are relevant. When Mahinda was the president and Jeyaraj a minister under him, it was ‘Mahinda’, not ‘sir’ for him. He never found it difficult to have a meeting with Mahinda. But, being by nature a person who becomes vain with power and forget those who helped him, Mahinda found that to be belittling. One day, Jeyaraj went to Temple Trees and had to wait 2 ½ hours to see him. After losing his patience, Jeyaraj left after telling the PSD men, “Tell him that the person who wrote for him at his exam wanted to see him.” That was the day Jeyaraj, who had close connections with the LTTE, became destined to be a victim of a suicide bombing.

If Namal still had the powers, Indika too, should have followed Jeyaraj by now. Anyway, enough is enough that Namal misled the country about a law he does not know. What remains to be done is to get to know the truth, through RTI, about Namal’s law degree and the record marks he has obtained.

The other important thing here is that had Namal obtained a degree from any university of Great Britain when his father was in power, the Sri Lankan public would have had to listen to and watch nothing but about that degree for a month or so. The ‘proud’ father would have chartered a flight or two and led his family members and et al, together with all the media in the country, to London. May be, the London graduation would have been shown live over Rupavahini or ITN. That much can be guessed by what had taken place on the day Namal took oaths as a lawyer. The ‘proud’ father got the entire judiciary to dance to his tune to such a level that he got the then CJ Shirani Bandaranayake and other Supreme Court judges to stand up and shake hands with his lawyer son. After blatantly violating the rule of natural justice and sending Bandaranayake home and appointing his bootlicker Mohan Peiris in her place, can Mahinda issue statements now to the media about independence of the judiciary? When looking at how Mahinda behaves against SAITM for whose beginning he was responsible, it is not him who should be beaten up, but the people who surround him and egg him on.

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