SLFP wants President to Sack the Sri Lankan Board!

The current Srilankan Board led by Ajith Dias went round cocktail parties laughing at Nishantha Wickremasinghe for his excesses and the way Rajapaksa ran Sri Lankan Airlines to the ground.

If one reads the Sunday Times political column Today Sunday 26 th February, one would be shocked to see the mismanagement and the abuse taking place during the tenure of the current Board, which includes good people like Rajan Brito and Chanka de Silva ( do they hang in for the tickets?)  The Minister in charge Hashim has said publicly many times the Board is running their show, doing what ever they want selling the Prime Minister’s name in every decision.

In desperation he has gone to the President. The SLFP is sick of the abuse and a SLFP Minister told us that they worry that this would be the next bond scam.

Suren Rathwatte who appeared after Sirisena won is running the Airline far worse than during the Nisthantha Wickremasinghe’s time. He is even abusing the board and the staff. The staff has lost confidence on him. His strength is his bankrupt brother Charitha Rathwatte who has found his way into the government after Sirisena won.

Rathwatte ruined the UNF government in 2004 and UNP Minister’s say he will ensure the prime Minister is not marketable at the next presidential election, if he is not taken out of the government. We had to stay for 11 years to get back into government . One Minister remarked that if the Prime Minister is under obligation to him for past services. Send him to London. He will do better than the current high commissioner.

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