Evil plan to bring down rupee foiled

On the 24th, we reported about an evil plan to bring down the economy by withdrawing a massive sum of money invested in the share market, treasury bills and bonds. The intention was to further depreciate the rupee against the dollar and inconvenience the government.

Reports say 1,475 million USD invested in the country by Franklin Templeton Fund had been withdrawn. That is roughly Rs. 220,000 million. This Fund is an international one, but those who withdrew the money are members of the Rajapaksa family and their cronies.

Their intention was to depreciate the rupee to Rs. 170 a dollar, thereby, bringing down the economy, discouraging foreign investors and getting their evil intentions fulfilled. They had invested their ill-gotten black money in this Fund, which in turn had invested in the share market, treasury bills and bonds.

However, the government identified this danger early and took preventive measures that enabled preventing a depreciation of the rupee, which currently stands at Rs. 151 a dollar. For that, the government had to buy dollars, forcing the country to be further in debt to the international community due to the evil intentions of those betrayers of the economy.

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