Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde games by ‘One Shot’

Social empowerment and welfare deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake entered politics by using the popularity he had already gained as an actor.

That popularity helped him to become a deputy minister in the present government. As an actor, he exposed corrupt politicians in his films, and even after entering politics he tries to show that he is in a struggle against corrupt politics and politicians.


These days, he is involved in a media hype by using the soil excavation and quarry rackets going on in Divulapitiya, where he is the electoral organizer of his party. He recently got into trouble with the area’s divisional secretary and he spoke to her on his phone by becoming possessed by his ‘One Shot’ role.

That is just one side of deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake’s politics. What we are going to say that he is not a lotus that has blossomed up in the political mud pit.

He may be telling society that he is against corrupt politics and politicians and that he is waging a struggle against them, but he himself acts like a corrupt politician. He opposes the soil excavations and quarries being run at Divulapitiya by his political opponents and their henchmen not due to any love for environment, but what he wants to do is to get those corrupt businesses to his henchmen. That is why he is involved in a media hype.

According to him, ‘One Shot’ should be the only big-shot in Divulapitiya. That applies not just to other parties, but also to the UNP which he represents. So, everything should be done with his knowledge. He is saying that he will fight with his life to prevent environment destruction in the area, but what he secretly does in cohort with other racketeers is these very same rackets. His close associate Wasantha Dangalle is the main racketeer (given are pictures of Ranjan with Wasantha and his quarry). While arguing for all his worth that politicians involved in rackets should be eliminated, he is using his political powers on behalf of his racketeer friends and henchmen.

In a letter dated 18 November 2016, he requested the Gampaha district secretary to extend the permit to excavate soil at no. 61-B, Embarella Gaha Watte, Halpe. While reprimanding and threatening the divisional secretary for not taking action against soil excavations and quarries, the deputy minister is asking the district secretary to extend the soil excavation permit of his friend (the letter in question is attached).

What he is showing nothing else but the double-standards that are common for all politicians. While showing to society that he is against racketeers, he indirectly facilities and protects the rackets by his henchmen. If he acts against quarries and other rackets, he should start from his own friends and party activists, because he well knows all of them.

A letter sent on 01 October 2015 to state enterprise development minister Kabir Hashim also contains a list of the racketeers ((the letter in question is attached), but Ranjan stresses that they had committed themselves for the election victory and asks the minister to facilitate their rackets.

Whenever and wherever he speaks, Ranjan mostly speaks against corruption, fraud and corrupt politics. But, his actions are wholly different to what he says. He opposes the corruption and fraud by his political opponents only.

According to his clean political theory, only the henchmen of ‘One Shot’ can engage in all the rackets. Divulapitiya should come under his power. What we have shown here is just one instance of the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde games by ‘One Shot’.

He sheds crocodile tears in front of the media saying that he does not accept the official vehicles entitled to him and does not have a house of his own, but this is the real self of deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake.

Furthermore, he is connected to an attempt to get a suspect in a Rs. 10 million theft released and a threatening of a police officer, who has filed a fundamental rights case against Ranjan in the supreme court, naming the deputy minister as the 11th respondent. A case (no. B-1277/16) is pending in the Fort magistrate’s court over the theft. Since this is a legal matter, we will publish everything together with supportive evidence in the future.

The ‘Yahapaalana’ government is treading the very same path of its predecessor which it had accused and promised to bring in a disciplined administration. If that path is not changed, the end of the journey is not very far. That ending will be speeded up due to the actions of politicians like Ranjan Ramanayake who shows to society one thing while playing underhand games.

Such ‘One Shot’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde games should be exposed and their practices halted. We had to wait for a regime change to act against the corrupt in the previous administration, and we will have to wait for another regime change to act against the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde type corrupt politicians in the ‘Yahapaalana’ government. We referred this to deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake and will publish his response as soon as we receive one.

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