Dinesh’s water deal exposed!

 The joint opposition is these days involved in a campaign to expose stealing by the present government politicians. Irrespective of who is responsible, any swindling of public money should be exposed. We too, agree on that account. However, it is insane to see persons like Dinesh Gunwardena, who heads the JO, come forward to speak about stealing by others. They point at others’ nudity, while exposing themselves. Clad in white clothing, Dinesh comes to media briefings and speak about the so-called top 10 corruptions. We have been told about just one massive swindling by Dinesh.

 Estimated worth concealed
 It was when Dinesh was the water supply and irrigation minister in 2013-14. A project had been proposed to supply drinking water for the people of Kalawanchikudy in Ampara. The estimated cost was Rs. 4.9 billion. According to the Sri Lankan law, all projects worth more than Rs. 15 million should have the cabinet’s approval. For this project, Dinesh obtained cabinet approval, but by giving the estimated worth of the project as Rs. three billion. When tenders were called, the project’s worth was given as Rs. three b. This misleading attempt had a history that came from early 2013.

‘Love letters’ with Sun Power
Since 2013, the ministry had had discussions with Sun Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. with regard to this water supply project. Previously owned by Maharaja Group, this company was later bought by another party and its chairman was Jayantha Samarakoon. Tender calling is a confidential process, as the lowest bid is chosen. The tender notice and other details that need to be made public are released only after everything else is finalized. However, Dinesh violated the tender procedure and started having correspondence with Sun Power even before cabinet approval was given for the project. The best part is yet to come.

Tender procedure disregarded

 The tender notice gave the worth of the project as Rs. 3 b, but since the project could not be completed at such a cost, no other party became interested. Therefore, only Sun Power submitted a bid. Although the estimated worth was Rs. 4.9 b, Sun Power submitted a bid for Rs. 9 b, that is twice the price of the value in the tender notice. Also, it submitted a Rs. 7.8 b alternative bid too, although the tender notice clearly stated alternative bids would not be welcome. Therefore, Sun Power had violated tender conditions from the outset. Also, the open tender calling needs at least three bids to be considered and the tender awarded to the most qualified bidder.

Here, only one bidder had come forward and according to procurement regulations, fresh tenders should have been called. But, that did not happen due to the power of the correspondence Sun Power had with Dinesh.

Furthermore, the tender evaluation committed rejected the Rs. 9 b bid by Sun Power. Its report said the bidder had no feasibility or financial ability to complete this water supply project. What should have happened was the rejection of the bid. But, what happened due to Dinesh’s powers was the evaluation committee report was thrown into the dustbin and Sun Power awarded the tender for its Rs. 7.8 b alternative bid.

Commissions to HK account through Sun Power
This makes it clear that Dinesh had acted from the beginning with the intention of handing over the project to Sun Power. That is not for nothing. We have details of how much money was deposited by Sun Power in a Hong Kong bank account, although not under Dinesh’s name, but anyway belongs to him. We have all the correspondence between Dinesh and Sun Power, and will reveal them soon.

Is this patriotism?
So, those who speak about ‘top 10 corrupt’ are actually a group like Ali Baba and 40 thieves who should be on par with the Asia’s top ten corrupt level. This son of Lion of Boralugoda fainted at the 4th floor when Rs. 20 million of apartment deal commission money surfaced from the bank account of the elder sister of his personal assistant. It is persons like him who tell the country about corruption. Dinesh is in the JO not due to any patriotism, but because Mahinda Rajapaksa has the files about his fraud and corruption. If he changes sides, his file will come out.

Dinesh speaks about stealing and those who hurrah him will lose their clothing due to his conduct. The other question we have is about the compassion of ‘Yahapaalanaya’ that allows Dinesh to remain free although it came to power two years and two months ago with the mantra of catching thieves.

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