Nimal Lansa flees country to escape arrest!

Home affairs deputy minister Nimal Lansa has gone to live in Australia with his family due to the investigations against him by the CID and the FCID. Afraid that he would soon be arrested, he left the country even without informing parliament.


Lansa became controversial after the police raided his home for hidden narcotic drugs during the previous regime. Immediately after that raid, it was none of than the then executive president Mahinda Rajapaksa who went to see him, bringing him solace. Such was the ‘business’ and ‘political’ character of Lansa when he was a minister in the western provincial council.

After embracing the present ‘Yahapaalanaya’, he received a deputy ministerial portfolio, but the investigations against him did not stop. Therefore, he had been planning to leave the country, and he sold parts of his tourist hotels to Browns Company. Sources close to him, say Lansa had fled the country with the knowledge of Mahinda Rajapaksa to evade charges of drug dealing, black money and human trafficking to Australia. The ex-leader had told him, “We too, are finding the situation difficult. Now, we cannot do anything for you. Leave the country immediately.”

Lansa’s personal secretary Jeewanga confirmed all these details to Lanka News Web.

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