Rathupaswala murders, or arresting the pistol while leaving the killer alone
The CID has arrested three suspects in connection with the Rathupaswala murders. During the terror regime of the Rajapaksas, three persons were murdered and around 40 others wounded when Rathupaswala residents were shot at and attacked by the Army. The daylight killings at Weliweriya in Gampaha in 2013 raises questions about the so-called humanitarian operation that was conducted by using the same Army in the north in 2009.
The problem facing the Rathupaswala people was the pollution of underground water, the nearest reason being the improper disposal of waste by Venigross factory. They protested against that. Owner of the factory was Sri Lanka’s richest man Dhammika Perera, a crony of the corrupt Rajapaksa regime. The Rajapaksa regime made that dastardly interference on behalf of its friend. 
The Rajapaksas used the Army to shoot at the protesters to convince the public that it is a reason to be shot dead if they protested against their cronies. Every time an allegation was leveled against the Army, they hid behind a banner of the so-called war heroes who saved the country. Incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena also says wherever he goes that he will not allow the war heroes to be touched. Under the inhuman Rajapaksa regime, Tamil people were considered as Tiger loyalists and enemies. Therefore, killing Tamils at the time was a qualification to be honoured as war heroes. However, even under that brutal thinking, can the killings of two schoolboys returning from tuition and a young employee of the Biyagama free trade zone and all-shooting of the people be considered an act of war heroism?
It is only natural that the Rajapaksas did not investigate the attack. Even its human rights report was released after the Rajapaksas were expelled. Even two years later, three suspects were arrested, that is according to the theory of the blame going to the minions.
Brig. Deshapriya Gunawardena, who commanded the group of soldiers in this barbaric attack is still a free man. As a reward for his loyalty at Weliweriya, he was given a security attaché posting in Turkey by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Even under the present ‘Yahapaalanaya’, he remains a free man. The suspects presently in custody cannot furnish information about those who had given the orders. It is the brigadier who can give that information. However, the CID apparently goes after the minions, not the big fish. Progress of investigation that was to be buried by the Rajapaksas to at least to this level should be commended.
Similar attempts have been made to investigate and enforce the law with regard to several crimes. However, it appears the CID seems to give into the big fish that were involved in these crimes. Is it their habit or is it their lack of a backbone, we do not know. But, if those who were responsible for the crimes are allowed to go scot free with the intention of clearing the hierarchy, that should be vehemently opposed. The CID too, should be bold enough to maintain its dignity and do its duty without risking any shame.
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