Will Keith Noyarh harbour Lasantha killers?
When the case pertaining to the abduction and assault of ‘The Nation’ former editor Keith Noyarh was taken up on the 30th, the court ordered the dissolution of an identification parade and gave bail to the suspects, as Noyarh was not present for the identification parade.
Mt. Lavinia additional magistrate Lochana Abeywickrema dissolved the identification parade as Noyarh continued to disregard notice to be present at the court. Presently living in Australia, he has been informed through diplomatic channels to attend the identification parade, but due to whatever reasons, he has not made an appearance and that will be advantageous only to the barbaric Rajapaksa gang. There lies the question.
Evidence found during the investigation into the Noyarh case are also crucial in the investigation into the murder of ‘The Sunday Leader’ editor Lasantha Wickrematunge too, because information has come to light about the existence of a killer group during the Rajapaksa terror regime, to hunt down journalists. The CID has seized the van that was used for Noyarh’s abduction. There is suspicion that that very same vehicle had been used in the Wickremetunge murder too. As the legal process is taking its course, Noyarh fails to appear before courts and that will also pave the way for Wickremetunge’s killers to escape.
If the complainant is not interested about the case, the accused will most likely be acquitted at the next hearing. Then, they can seek redress at court over having been accused falsely. All these will happen despite Noyarh had actually been abducted and assaulted. Only the swollen face of Noyarh after his hospitalization following the attack remains visible to the world, and this will mean he himself will release his attackers. Almost a three-third of the suspects in the Wickrematunge murder have been arrested. What is needed now is to get them to reveal the identity of their boss, to find out the Rajapaksa who had given the order to former state intelligence chief Hendavitharana. Due to whatever reason, Noyarh is trying to prevent that from happening. In comparison, ‘Rivira’ former editor Upali Tennakoon needs to be respected. He came all the way from the US, together with his wife, and gave evidence in the case by him. But, Noyarh is not coming forward to see that his attackers are punished.
During the Rajapaksa regime, what had happened was making evidence to disappear for the sake of lawlessness. Now, it is two years since that had ended. By what name a journalist should be called if he is not coming forward to identify the ‘war heroes’ who had assaulted him, and that matter is crucial in the Wickrematunge murder case too. Please do not call him Keith Noyarh Rajapaksa!!
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