Mahindananda’s lies about London house

A front-runner in the gang of thieves in Sri Lanka parliament calling themselves the joint opposition is Mahindananda Aluthgamage. Recently, the media reported about his having sold, for 320,000 Sterling Pounds, a house he had bought in London. Lanka News Web broke that news.

Mahindananda has told parliament that a brother of his living in Japan had bought a house in London. However, deeds and other documents for the house received by LNW give the name of Mahindananda Aluthgamage as the owner. Therefore, it could be that he is having a brother by the same name. He said in response to a claim by deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake that he has a brother in Japan by the name Vijayananda Aluthgamage and that he had bought a house in England.

But, according the information we have, the flat 4, Blyton House, 19-23 Sydenham Hill, London was owned by the couple Ambagahapolage Asha Vijayanthi Aluthgamage and Meethalawe Mahindananda Aluthgamage. Vijayananda in Japan might have become Vijayanthi in England, or Vijayananda might have changed his name to Mahindananda, we don’t know.

But, this shameless Mahindananda is deceiving the country’s most supreme place, the parliament. MPs have privileges, but there are who hide behind these privileges and play games. Lying to parliament is a serious crime. For Mahindananda who lives a life of lies it will be nothing to lie to parliament. What is wrong in that is that his being a minister in the past and now trying to become one again. The next question is as to how he can evade the law.

Whoever the thief is, the thief should be exposed. It is ridiculous for a person like him to point out corruption in the present government. The country should know how, starting life at a Rs. 2,500 salary at a finance company, he had progressed to buy houses in London. That will expose as to why Mahindananda and others in the JO try their utmost to bring back the corrupt Rajapaksas to power once again.


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