No permission obtained for Basil’s ‘Malwana palace’!
No permission whatsoever had been obtained from Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha for the construction of the ‘Malwana Palance’ in a 16 acre area on the banks of Kelani owned by former economic development minister Basil Rajapaksa, say sources in the PS. Therefore, the construction and the land should in fact belong to the Dompe PS, say the sources. This legal situation was the reason for the cabinet’s decision to halt the sale in public auction of this property without an owner.
The person in charge of the construction work was architect Muditha Jayakody, who claims himself to be the modern Jeffrey Bawa. He had the power to construct any building without any permission during that regime.
He had even paid taxes to the inland revenue commissioner by claiming the ownership, but later requested a reimbursement, saying it was a mistake. This clearly is a ridiculing of the law. Worse still is that on the FCID’s instructions, Jayakody was made a state witness against Basil and Tiru Nadesan.
Legal experts say Basil and Tiru are getting the state’s support to win the case easily. In the end, what will happen is that Basil will become, from zero, to hero. This will also pave the way for Basil’s black money to be made whiter than white. 
The suspects in the case will be indicted at the Colombo high court on May 03.
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