Attendance at May day rallies

Some thing very striking about the May Day rallies of the SLFP, Mahinda Faction and the JVP was the loyalty of their supporters and their appointees. Many of Mahinda Rajapakse’s past appointees attended the May Day rally and supported them with cash and kind looking at the attendance of their rally. So, with the SLFP. Many of the SLFP appointees were present in Kandy for their meeting. Unfortunately looking at the TV footage of the live broadcast of the UNP Rally. Though the attendenc was satisfactory, should have been very much more. Many of the UNP high profile appointees who are pictured in the media regularly were not seen in the May Day rally.  Did they even support the rally to transport people or to provide food? Some would have and some may have already forgotten how they got there.

Did the following top guns appointed by the UNP attend the Rally because they were not seen on the live feeds according to UNP and other sources? The are people who get free petrol, Salary, driver, staff and Cars and some times houses to live in, including foreign trips.

Chairman People’s Bank Hemasiri Fernando, BOC Deputy Chairman Wijesighe, Sri Lankan Chairman - Ajith Dias, CEO Srilankan Airways Suren Rathwatte, Srilankan directors who get free tickets. Prime Minister’s high profile Advisers who run the Country Charitha Ratwatte, R Paskaralingem, A Mahendren.  Insurance Chairman Amarasuriya and Managing Director Bansajaya. Chairman of Private and State Banks appointed by the Yahapalana Government. NDB Chairman, Seylan Bank Chairman, HNB Chairman, NSB Chairman, all those Directors, Employees Trust Fund Board Chairman, Tourism Board Chairman. Politically connected Ambassadors who were holidaying in Sri Lanka.  Did these men attend the May Day Rally. ( the list given to us is too long to publish)

All these men would have sipped a beer and had a cool nap on May Day while the poor supporters braved the weather on Monday as well as for years to put them on their seats for them to enjoy the benefits of high office, while many of them may have got nothing, other than abuse for their hard work. That is feudalism at is best

If these people were not invited, or invited and did not attend who is to blame? The UNP Hierarchy and those who appointed them. These are the very people who are now passing around a clip of Mahinda Rajapakse’s meeting, saying what a show. For sure a doctored video clip. Why did Mahinda not agree to live feeds? Mahinda is a hoax. Good for the UNP to have such loyal people.

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