Ravi Blasts CB Governor at the Cabinet Sub Ccommitte
A heated argument had erupted between the Governor of the Central Bank Coomaraswamy and the Minister of Finance about borrowings, interest rates and the state of the economy at the Cabinet Sub Committee on Economic Affairs. The Finance minister had accused the governor of playing a double game. 
A minister present at the meeting told us the Prime Minister watched the verbal duel with interest and the minister felt  the Finance Minister had said what the Prime Minister has been yearning tell the governor for months, but could not say so because of the Govornor's friendship with Minister Malik Samarawickrama. 
The Prime Minster has been told by many Ministers the Govornor is underperforming and has lost control of the Central bank, as a result the economy is sliding down fast and the CB is run by Nivard Cabral through his cronies.The Minister further said the Govornor was a close associate of the previous regime and Nivard Cabral, we have shamelessly gone and appointed him as Govornor when the UNP could have appointed a person who was independent of all parties. It is a well known fact the governor is canvassing hard to get rid of Ravi Karunanayake from the finance ministry, one of the key architects of the january election victory, when Commoraswamy was canvassing for Mahinda Rajapakse. 
According to CB sources the Governor has been encouraging people to write against the Finance Minister. He and Minister Malik Samarawickrama are working round the clock to get the Finance Minister removed using a Former President to influence the current President. The Prime Minister had said no to the suggestion we understand.
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