Wait, I will sort out the Problem – PM to Minister Karunanayake
Among the main ministerial portfolios about to change with the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle, Finance ministry and Minister Ravi Karunanayke has become the hot topic. There are high speculations that his Ministerial portfolio will be removed. 
A special meeting is currently going on at the Temple tree which is the special discussion before meeting the President tomorrow. This special discussion is being held between the Prime Minister and all the UNP Cabinet Ministers. According to reliable political sources seniors of the UNP has agreed to bring the Finance Ministry under the purview of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has agreed.
Yet, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has told Minister Karunanayake not be troubled with all the stories around the Finance ministry, according to reliable sources from the Prime Minister’s office. Assuring that he will stand by Minister Karunanayke, the Prime Minister has told him to ‘wait for the time being and I will sort out the problem.”
Appreciating Ravi Karunanayke’s dedication to raise this Government to power and his commitment in rebuilding the economy, The Prime Minister has assured that he will not fail him.
Minister Karunanayke, in a previous interview with the Lanka News Web said that if he loses the Finance minister post he will not accept any other ministry and prefer to be a back bencher.
“I believe that the President and the Prime Minister is fully aware of my commitments. I have not failed the Government. If I made any mistakes the President and the Prime Minister can always correct me. This is not the first time my portfolio got cropped,” he said in the previous interview.  
According to Government sources Cabinet Ministers of all parties are called for a meeting with the President that will be held tomorrow (May 22), which is believed to be the meeting to decide the crucial change in the Cabinet of Ministers.
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