DIG describes how colleague Lalith Jayasinghe was saved from Vidya court case!

Retired DIG Cecil Silva, alias Kacha Kacha Silva, related to CID officers during a recent wedding how senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe and dean of law at the Colombo University Prof. V.T. Thamilmaran were saved from being indicted over having aided, harboured and aided to flee those responsible for the rape and murder of Sivaloganathan Vidya. The case is to be taken up by a Jaffna High Court trial-at-bar from June 28.

Seeing the CID officers who investigated the crime, Silva said, “You tried to ruin our boss Lalith? I wouldn’t have allowed it,” and boasted about himself. Knowing that they were onto something, the CID officers had a couple of drinks with him, and told him “We know you are a clever man. How did you do it?”

With his tongue loosened by the liquor, he told them like a hero, “Lalith boss knows that Dappuwa (additional solicitor general Dappula Livera) is a good friend of mine. The boss met me and told me that only I can save him. I told him, ‘Boss, don’t be afraid. I will enter the game.’ Then, I met Dappuwa. I gave him a real good one. Everything’s fine. In the end, I saved not only Lalith boss, but also the professor. How can you challenge me? Are these wrongs compared to what our big-shots do?”

However, attorney general’s department sources say they are considering filing indictments separately against Jayasinghe and Thamilmaran. So far, the AG has not permitted the CID at least to record a statement from the two.

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