IGP in a shameless attempt to free Biyagama Village killers
IGP Pujith Jayasundara is involved in a shameless attempt to free killers of Biyagama Village hotel owner Bernard Jayaratne, according to reports reaching Lanka News Web. He is getting the SIU to upset the court case built up by the CID.
According to CID revelations, a property dispute had led to Bernard’s killing. He was hacked to death at an estate owned by him on a contract given by his son Suranga, who had used two women employees of the estate to blame it on the watcher.
To mislead investigations, Suranga had used the then CCD director Anura Senanayake, who introduced him to his henchman, SSP Wimalasena of the Gonahena STF camp. Wimalasena got his boys to bury in the estate some clay-more mines brought from Batticaloa.
Bringing the two women to the CCD, Senanayake and other conspirators got an Inspector to write their statement in the way they wanted it. The women gave a statement to the effect that the watcher had hacked Bernard to death. 
But, their plans were foiled as a daughter of the slain man continued to keep a watch on the investigations. Smelling something fishy, she complained to the CID and asked for an investigation. The CID investigated, unearthed the truth and got the two women to give a confession as per clause 127 of the criminal procedure code, and also a statement from Senanayake.
As all the revelations were documented and the CID sent the files to the Attorney General’s Department, IGP Jayasundara got the SIU to start a new investigation with the aim of saving Senanayake and other criminals. Jayaratne and others are trying to bribe the SIU to escape.
This has prevented the filing of indictments. Receiving two different files over the same incident, the AG’s Dept. is in confusion. 
We have been exposing the endless nonsense by the IGP. He is trying to use the SIU to upset activities of the CID.  By his meditation programmes, Jayasundara belittled the police before the country. Now, he is trying to get the SIU to act above the CID to save criminals. If the authorities who tolerate the IGP’s nonsense do not go against him now, the country will see criminals having a free life.
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