‘68 yr. old’ she elephant gave birth ?

Authorities at Gangaramaya have given a surprising answer to a question posed by CID officials investigating a baby elephant being kept there illegally. That was – a she elephant at the temple, now 68 old, has given birth to the calf.


As the answer was unacceptable, the CID continued investigation. In the meantime, the baby jumbo was taken away from Gangaramaya, and was subsequently found at Rajjuru Bandara Devale in Matara. Now, it is being kept at Eth Athuru Sevana.

However, no arrests have been made so far. Legal action cannot be expected either, since the culprits are being given protection by the political authority.

Meanwhile, another tusker has been killed for its tusks. The present sorry status of elephants and tuskers is blamed squarely on the failure of law enforcement. That is an indirect aiding of the culprits, and the officials and institutions enforcing the law are responsible. As a national responsibility, Lanka News Web will continue to expose this racket.

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