Udaya Nanayakara Partying with Tourism Funds

The Yahapalanaya ( good governance) government promised to appoint people with unblemished record. People who had clean records, not thrown out on financial impropriety.

His own ex Sister in Law Chandrika Kumaranatunga for financial impropriety threw out Udaya Nanayakara. The current Tourism Minister despite being advised by the Union and Srikotha ignored their advice and appointed Nanayakara as Sri Lanka Chairman Promotions Bureau.


When the Bureau needed a marketing professional like Athukorala who was there before him.. According to Union Officials Nanayakara is demanding a new office worth millions.

“ we have been suffering in this small office, this man who worked for Mahinda Rajapaksa has now come, is trying to spend his retirement at the expense of the government. Union officials say he has spent over 25 million from the tourist board to have a function at a top hotel in the united Kingdom.

He had collected a 6% commission from his agent Nalin. Unions say this event there were no takers because it was expensive, but Nananayakara jumped in given the commission involved.

Not a single article has been published about Sri Lanka since the event. Nalin according to Union officials was very close to the then Tourism Minister Basil Rjapaksa. Nalin was the supplier of every thing for the Rajapakses when they visited United Kingdom.

Union members say Udaya Nanayakara and Nalin are collecting 10% from an advertising company in the UK for advertising in the London Underground. Each advertisement is $300,000. We will produce more evidence of the activities planned by Nanayakara to collect commission from tourism promotion activities.

The Minister of Tourism is in the dark and he needs to keep an eye on the Bureau's work a Union Official told speaking from Srikotha. They have appealed to the Prime Minister to stop the partying.

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