Another Gross Abuse by Udaya Nanayakkara

There have been numerous stories about the Chairman of Tourism Promotions, highlighted often by LNW. In another most recent incident he has advertised in London Underground where it is alleged he collect a commission. 

Then the over payment on a recent London event. Udaya Nanayakara has got a payment of Rs. 457,000 for a ticket to London without any receipt. For Rs 350,000 out of this, one could go to New York on Business Class on Qatar the world’s five-star airline. 

Without providing any receipt Nanayakkara has got his Director Marketing Mrs Madhumani to pay him 457,000 on which she has happily complied. 

Mr Nanayakkara had traveled to London on official work and thereafter to New York on private work. He had collected his per diem.

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