Further exposure on assets of Maj. Neville & his wife
Previously, we published an article titled ‘Maj. Neville has 17 bank accounts, his wife 16 bank accounts’, which revealed the assets of ‘Maj.’ Neville Wanniarachchi, chief bodyguard of ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa. In this article, we reveal the assets of his wife.
Neville has 17 bank accounts at the HNB, BoC and the PB. The CID is yet to send all information about these accounts to the attorney general, saying it will take a considerable time to investigate all the persons who had transacted tens of millions of rupees through these accounts.
Neville’s assets
He also has six tippers, five tractors, two trailers, seven passenger buses and a Toyota jeep. The wife has two tippers. He also has a 12.1 per land at Kundasale in Kandy, 44 perch land at Akurugoda in Tissamaharama, 11 land and house at Wattegedara in Maharagama, an apartment at the NHDA housing complex at Mahawela Lane at Dematagoda and a filling station at Pasmanhandiya in Walasmulla.
That is what the list given to the AG’s Dept. says. There are many more unnamed assets which are under investigation by the CID. It is unthinkable that all these assets can be bought from the salary of an army major.
His wife is Krishna Madhurani Ranamukarachchi, a housewife who never did a job. She has two vans, a double-cab, a car and a bus, in addition to a stall at the NHDA-owned shopping complex at Kotabowa in Weeraketiya and a 17 perch land and a three-storey house at Sigera Mawatha at Madiwela, Kotte.
Multimillionaire within eight years
What is significant is that he has earned all these assets between 2006 and 2014, the period of the regime of Mahinda. The bribery commission has already filed action against Neville for not declaring these assets. What should be done is to find how he had earned these assets and enforce the law against those aided him in that too.
Information is also coming to light about several murders to which Neville has links. Lanka News Web will bring details of the murders he had committed on behalf of the Rajapaksas.
On top of all these assets, the couple also owns a baby elephant, as the newly rich has a craving to boast of having elephants, which resulted in an elephant racket. This baby elephant too, has been captured after killing its mother.
Neville gets protection from the law
The AG’s Dept. is going to file action against Neville under the money laundering act. However, this process will show us how powerful the ‘art of striking deals’ is in Sri Lanka.
Politicians are not allowing the AG’s Dept. and the CID to act independently and freely against the corrupt and the criminals.  In this matter, both government and opposition politicians are alike. Therefore, what we can do is expose them as a social responsibility.
Only a corporal
Although he is called a major, he has never risen above the corporal rank. He joined the Army as a Grade Eight qualified. With the blessings of Mahinda and other members of the Rajapaksa family, he adopted the rank which he is not entitled to.
If anyone says the above details are incorrect, we are prepared to go before the law. Also, if the couple has anything to say about this article, LNW is ready to give them space too.
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