Basil is trying expel us to serve India’s want - Wimal
NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa alleges Basil Rajapaksa is trying to expel his party from the SLPP to serve the want of India.
He has told his friends that he would not join the government under any circumstance.
A vast majority of the NFF leaders is now with the SLFP, while only a few remains with Weerawansa. They are getting step-motherly treatment from the SLPP as well. Dinesh Gunawardena and Udaya Gammanpila too, are treated similarly.
The trio represents the extremist Sinhala forces. Even if the SLPP is able to form a government, that administration will not be able to devolve powers if the trio remains. Devolution of powers is needed to resolve the national question, and what India wants is to rid the flower bud of the worms before it blooms.Hence, Basil’s step-motherly treatment of Basil, political analysts say.
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