London defence attaché will be withdrawn from post next week

Unnamed Sources close to Her Majesty's Government have informed is that “pursuant to Brigadier Priyanka Fernando’s conduct outside the premises of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London on the 4th of February 2018, acting on instructions from the highest level of government, His Excellency James Dauris, The British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka lodged a strong official protest with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of External Affairs. 

Following this Brigadier Fernando was suspended from his post as defence attaché to the Sri Lankan High Commission to the UK and will be withdrawn from post next week.

In the intervening period the Special Branch of the Metropolitan Police are interviewing complainants on an ongoing basis against Fernando with a view laying charges.

If they succeed in laying charges ahead of Fernando's withdrawal, he faces the risk of being stripped of any diplomatic protection he has been afforded in the United Kingdom.

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