UNP  and UPFA will collaborate to run 167 councils

Mahinda Rajapaksa needs to be congratulated for a very strong performance with no government patronage. His political party mustered around  45.31% of the total votes polled. 

While  the UNP+UPFA coalition polled 45.72%. If the UNP- UPFA  had contested under a common symbol they would have ended up getting more bonus members .

A group of parties supported President Sirisena’s candidacy in 2015. They were the UNP, Part of SLFP, JVP, SLMC and TNA. If all that is added together in effect it is 53.1% . 

So it is important for the group of political parties to identify where they went wrong and work together to do better at the Provincial Council election in 2019.

The President’s strategy to bash the UNP only helped to strengthen the former President’s party. According to analyst the attempt by certain elements in the UNP to divide the SLFP also did not pay off . It only helped to give a life line to the Rajapakse’s to lift themselves up. 

According to reliable sources the UPFA and UNP will collaborate to run 167 councils. A major cabinet reshuffle is also on the cards.

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