Basil says 'No' to 'Gota Celebrations'

Planned celebrations to welcome Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha had stopped with the order by Basil Rajapaksha. 

Gota made a comeback yesterday (12) morning from USA without much notice and it was reported mass celebrations had scheduled by SLPP organizers to welcome him as next presidential candidate. Informed sources say even a vehicle parade was scheduled from Katunayaka International Airport. But Basil has ordered to stop planned events using his executive powers vested on him by the party.  

He has questioned SLPP organizers as ''What did your boss do? He was in States all the way, did nothing but making statements time to time.. We are the people who worked so hard and gained this victory.. Now you want him to celebrate it...? No celebrations for him at all... We do not need racists to our politics anymore!" 

SLPP organizers are amazed and still stunned with Basil's sudden political maturity! By the way now it is very apparent that Basil Rajapaksha is acting on instructions given by India.  

Being an American citizen, there is no possibility of getting himself elected as next President Gota said to the media, only after getting to know Basil's position. It seems like it is Basil who reminded Gota about his American citizenry. 

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