Prez with 15% has to resign before he ask Ranil to go home! – UNP Parliamentarians

For last few days certain MP's and ministers has secretly met President Sirisena saying that they can't continue the government with PM Ranil Wickramasinghe.  

Some of those has expressed their views as Prime Minister has to resign as he finished up with 30% in the Provincial Elections. 

Who are the Judas of betrayal? 

As a result, UNP parliamentarians met yesterday (13) evening for an urgent discussion. Meeting was chaired by GOP Chairman, Minister Malik Samarawickrama and UNP Parliamentarians has convinced the fact that, if President asks PM to go home relying on the percentage of 30% UNP got from this Provincial election, the President himself has to resign first as his party was able to score only 15%.  

President Sirisena's pro election campaign was highly criticized in the meeting. "For the sake of Unity Government, we did not react to his comments at all. But we couldn't bear up the situation anymore..." They went on saying president's own conduct for last two weeks prior to the elections is unacceptable and not fit in to his position in any mean.

Minister Rauf Hakim, Vijaya Kala, Palani Digambaran and Rishard Badiudeen further stressed the fact that President Sirisena's acts in last week prior to the elections indeed provoked the racism. It made them to unable to go for their voters and even talk with, they said. 

Galle District Parliamentarian and Minister of Internal Affairs Vajira Abeywardena said if President pressures the Prime Minister to resign, the president also has to go home with PM. At this point, all members in the meeting were agreed with him anonymously. 

Finally they all discussed and  agreed to form a UNP government, allying with a faction of SLFP who are willing to stand and work with them. It will make SLPP MP's to sit in the parliament as independent MP'S.

When they decided to meet the President immediately in order to convey their position, Minister Malik Samarawickrama connected the president to inform that all UNP parliamentarians are preparing to come down to meet him. Then President has replied as, " No need to come all of you.., I even have no chairs to give all 106 parliamentarians right now.  So only Cabinet Ministers".  

Show me your government before today eve!

Accordingly, UNP Cabinet Ministers went forward and met the president. At that point the president has challenged them to "Show me the one-party government you wish to form before 14th eve!"  Now, the deadline imposed by president Sirisena will meet by UNP today (14th). Tomorrow (15) we all will witness its result or outcome in the parliament.

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