PM’s relative caught over mudslinging at Daham; special probe on presidential order

The president has ordered a special investigation into a claim that his son Daham owned, and drove, the car that fell into Kimbula Ela in front of the Keells Super at Thalawathugoda around 6.15 am on March 17.  

According to president’s office sources, the president has instructed the investigating agencies to pay special attention to certain matters.

President’s order

The president’s order is to find out who owns the car and who was driving it at the time? Was the person responsible arrested by the police? Was an investigation conducted? How was a claim made that his son, who had been accompanying him back home from a Japan tour at the time, drove the vehicle? 

Investigators have already submitted many details of the incident.

Kabir’s brother-in-law drove it?

It was a brother-in-law of minister Kabir Hashim who drove the brand new BMW without a registration.  Its owner is a businessman named Risard Hameed. 

Before it fell into the canal, the car had collided with an Axio and a Corolla, and the driver, under the influence of liquor, had fled.

PM’s relative to the offender’s rescue

Thereafter, he had sought help from his friends, including businessman crony Niroshan Wijesundara, who is related to the PM and also a close friend of Hameed. They sent another person to Thalawathugoda police as the driver of the vehicle. 

Police said the owner of the car too, should appear for the inquiry. Documents of the vehicles are with Hameed’s Mavarian Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.

However, Hameed had refused to appear before the police. Instead, he sent a financial advisor to a wealthy Colombo businessman to discuss compensation for the two vehicles damaged in the incident.

Then, they used their political affiliations to create a news that the car belongs to Daham and that he had been driving the vehicle, and spread it through social media. The intention was to sabotage the police investigation and to clear them of wrongdoing

car 1Rajapaksa’s FB gang behind the mud article

Reports say Wijesundara and his frirnd Mayantha Dissanayake had done that. Thereafter, social media sites opposed to the president took it up.

Angered by the false news, the president ordered the investigation.

Hameed’s connections with Rajapaksas

Investigations have revealed that Hameed is a very close business friend of the Rajapaksa sons. It was Yoshitha Rajapaksa and Johnston Fernando who have invested in Bavarian Motors (Pvt.) Ltd., located at Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo. The CID has also questioned Hameed over the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen.

Bring the culprits before the law

The president has instructed that all those responsible for discrediting his family should be brought before the law. Also, he has advised that this incident should not be used to sling mud at the PM or the minister in question.

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