Supreme Court protection for Rangajeewa?
Inspector Neomal Rangajeewa, who is accused over the Welikada prisoner killings, is to be given special protection by the Supreme Court against his arrest, reports say.
Many with links to crime are now filing FR petitions in the SC against their arrests. One of them is ex-defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, also accused in the Welikada prisoner killings.
Investigations into crimes committed during the previous regime have come to standstill, two reasons being inadequate intervention by the Attorney General’s Dept. and the SC’s decisions. 
A legal expert said the SC will most likely prevent Rangajeewa’s arrest. Police are yet to arrest him, although there is eyewitness evidence that he was directly linked to the Welikada prison murders. Witnesses who gave evidence before the committee appointed in 2015 said Rangajeewa had come with law enforcement officials, picked prisoners and killed them.
Evidence and investigation findings prove he had taken three prisoners out of the prison. Their bodies were found later. However, he is yet to be arrested or prosecuted. The IGP has requested permission for his arrest, but the AG’s Dept. has not given the permission, noting that preventing his leaving the country was enough for the time being. The killers and those who ordered the killings are given protection.
The SC is protecting the criminals, instead of serving justice for the victims. Await another revelation on the protection given to the Welikada killers…
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