Former IGP Mahinda Balasuriya bought bread from STF bakery on credit

Former IGP Mahinda Balasuriya is considered one of the most infamous police chiefs ever in the country.

He was accused over various incidents that took place during his tenure. Now, another matter has emerged – that he had not paid for the bread he had obtained on credit from the bakery run by the STF. The bill was for more than Rs. 200,000.

An inquiry started only after incumbent commandant, senior DIG M.R. Latiff took over. And, Balasuriya was asked to pay the money. Only, then he did the payment.

Known for his reputation as an honest policeman, Latiff has earned the wrath of the corrupt and the fraudsters for the investigations he has carried out into various crimes, including drug rackets. They are now plotting to oust him from the position. Those behind the conspiracy include a former STF chief and several persons with links to the government. Await a detailed report.

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