President dancing to the Tune of Killi Maharaja

Ranil Wickremasinghe what ever his problems are supporting his Royal College friends like Samarawickrama, Ratwatte, Dias and  Sagala etc. Remains a gentleman who enjoys a laugh, a punch and good food. He presents him self well and a good ambassador  for Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately his friends have made him so unpopular that to get rid of them they want the Prime Minister to go. One man who has attempted to capitalize out of this crisis and drive a wedge between the two leaders is the Maharaja Boss. The Prime Minister and Mr maharaja were friends long before he got to know Sirisena. 

But over a simple issue like not nominating Ranga to Parliament in 2010 the two fell out. Unfortunately for Maharaja this has become a battle to the death. The President has unfortunately become a pawn in the Vendetta. 

Maharaja singlehandedly has destroyed the UNP in the last six months. His last plan to destroy the PM has become the no confidence motion. Killi Maharaja befriends anyone who gets angry with the PM and then connects them to the President to poison the mind of the President. 

UNP supporters are now looking to do 1 week of continuous protest in front of MTV station. If Kili Maharaja had attempted a stunt like this during Mahinda days he would have been history. 

The talk in political corridors is Killi Maharaja is the defacto President of this country. 

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