UNP should Stand together to Protect its Leader

A political party once described by historians as the Grand Old Party. Is fast getting dubbed the Dis United Party, because of the quality of the people who have joined the party and their cheap actions and tactics in public places. 

The UNP like most parties have had their own squabbles, but they all stood together when their Leader was under attack. That has been the tradition for 70 years. With the advent of crossovers and the quality of people the grand old castle has begun to crumble. 

The current leader is also responsible for this situation. But these people on the forefront attempting to destabilize the UNP must realize that they are only strengthening the hand of their opponents who at every turn has looked to bring down the grand old party. 

The latest attempt is to breakup the UNP so that the SLFP and SLMP can rule once more. Those so called reformers must understand this without destroying the party for good. 

The SLFP Rajapakse faction is hell bent on pushing the UNP out. They did the same thing in 2015 with a NCM against the UNP Leader. 

The UNP after the 4 th of April must get rid of the unsavory SLFP elements in the government and form a strong government that can serve the people with courage and fearlessly. If the reformers want change they must continue struggle inside not embarrass the position of the Leader of the UNP. 

- A Retired UNP MP

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