SEC DG Perk over Rs. 1 Million per month

Rs. 1 Million salary is in violation of the basic Government circulars. 

The current Director General of the SEC Vajira Wijegoonawardena is the highest ever paid government official In Sri Lanka. His salary and perks are over a staggering Rs. One Million a month plus business class travel on al least 4-6 overseas visits.

He has done nothing positive to develop the market and is branded as a sharmer.

He quite often mixes up issues and personalities and is not a knowledgeable and market friendly individual as to market sources.

The central bank Gouvner does not get even half of this salary nor does the Chief Justice of this Country.

Is he a blue eyed boy of any top politician or a cover up for the chairman who has failed miserably in delivering the mandate entrusted to him to bring to book those responsible for manipulating the market..? 

It is rumored that the current chairman is vigorously canvassing to get himself and the commission reappointed so that they can finish whatever that is left of the market. 

However the President and the Minister of Finance are adamant to make a fresh appointment shortly with a few market friendly knowledgeable professionals as front runners.

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