Don’t touch Sirasa

Moments after the no-confidence motion against PM Ranil Wickremesinghe was defeated, a group surrounded Sirasa Media Network’s office at Baybrooke Place in Colombo and behaved in an unruly manner, the media reports. They were led by CMC’s UNP councilor Kithsiri Rajapakse alias Podi Choppe. He is not a person conversant in political ideologies. He understands what he sees only. He retaliated in kind to Sirasa that worked day and night to remove the PM from his position.

Sirasa Media Network owner Killi Maharaja is the only person who is involved in post-modern politics. He is promoting his politics through the paradoxical concept. What he is loyal faces defeat and what he opposes wins. A key factor in Wickremesinghe’s victory is the opposition he faced from Maharaja.

In the face of the no-confidence motion what we did was to gather the PM loyalists together. What Maharaja did was a more difficult task – to gather the PM’s opponents and take them to ruin. The main victim was president Maithripala Sirisena.

It is Maharaja-led Sirasa Media Network that is capable of, more than all others, realizing the PM’s hopes. Therefore, it is the UNP’s responsibility to protect it.

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