Defence secretary says ready even to resign
In two previous articles, we reported how the Army and the defence secretary had misled the courts to get the travel ban on retired chief-of-staff Maj. Gen. Amal Karunasekara and how the ban was re-imposed following the CID’s intervention and summons were issued on the defence secretary.
The lawyer for Karunasekara sought to withdraw a motion that requested the lifting of the travel ban, saying he did not expect to go overseas. He said a mix-up had taken place and that he did not dispute the submissions of the CID.
When the motion was first taken up, a legal officer of the Navy, a lieutenant commander, had made the submissions, and lied to the court that the defence secretary had gone overseas. The CID seeks notice against him.
Then, Karunasekara’s lawyer intervened to get the matter settled. The intention is to withdraw the motion even as notice has been issued on the defence secretary.
However, a concerned defence secretary has said that he was prepared even to resign.
It is a question as to why the Army had sent an officer of the Navy to court in this matter. The Army has not been supporting the CID investigations.
We reiterate that Karunasekara is a good office. But, he will get into trouble due to actions by others and there will be no one to save him.
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