IGP tries to go above the president
IGP Pujith Jayasundara has curtailed the financial allocations for the STF, reports say.
It is through the police chief that the STF receives the money from the Law and Order Ministry, according to a method introduced by ministry secretary Padmasiri Jayamanne.
Reports of the special presidential commission of investigation mention several frauds committed by Jayamanne when he was at the Ministry of Plantation Industries.
The STF has been conducting raids countrywide against sand and drug rackets etc., just like the Walana anti-vice squad did in the past. In one instance, the STF raided a factory in Nuwara Eliya that had been mixing tea with glucose.
This has not gone well with the corrupt police officers, as unannounced raids by the STF have nabbed corrupt businessemen friendly with them. Through the IGP, they are trying to sabotage the STF raids.
At a recent meeting, president Maithripala Sirisena questioned as to why allocations to the STF had been curtailed. Secretary Jayamanne replied that a structural change in its administration was being done. An angry president told him not to reduce even five cents and continue with the usual allocations.
The corrupt officers are now trying to get STF commandant senior DIG Latiff replaced with DIG Sirimevan Pathirana. Lanka News Web will soon bring you a detailed article on Pathirana’s conduct.
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