Why don’t Commanders of the Sri Lankan Army and Navy care about the president’s exemplary actions?

The President took immediate actions to remove I.K.Mahanama, former Secretary of the Land Ministry and President’s Chief of Staff, and P.Dissanayaka, Chairman of the State Timber Corporation, from their positions after they were arrested for accepting a bribe of 20 million rupees.

By doing so, the President took the lead to remove obstacles, which may have become an issue to implement the law, due to civil powers and authority they have been entitled to due to their positions.

But what did the Commanders of the Sri Lankan Army and Navy do and are doing? Protecting thieves and murderers hiding behind a so called war hero label.

There is a plethora of examples. From the evidences of a case which took place 12 years ago, where 5 students were kidnapped in Trincomalee and detained in the Gunside military camp before being shot to death, it was obvious that it was done by navy officers. But its investigations were cleverly hindered by bringing forward a misconception that war heroes are being hunted down, showing that even the justice kneels before the uniform. The Prageeth Eknaligoda incident is also of the same nature.

What is serious about these incidents is that the army and navy officers who were identified to be directly responsible of these incidents are still in active service. Why do the Commanders of Sri Lankan Navy and Army fail to see that they being in active service is a barrier to properly implement the law?

Why do these two superior military officers do not care about the President’s exemplary actions?

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