President is angry over Fonseka’s remarks
President Maithripala Sirisena is very much displeased with the references made to him by minister Sarath Fonseka at the UNP May Day rally at Sugathadasa indoor stadium on May 06. Fonseka said it was a grave mistake to field him as the presidential candidate. After getting elected to power on the UNP votes, the president has betrayed the UNP supporters and the country, Fonseka charged.
Telephoning minister Malik Samarawickrama last night (07), the president said Fonseka would lose his portfolio if he did not mind his words any longer. President Sirisena said these were the repercussions for having given him a ministry amidst opposition by all. He accused Fonseka of not knowing how to speak properly.
The president and the UNP got distanced following recent trouble and the former now has links with Samarawickrama only.
He also said that had Fonseka been given the law and order ministry like many wanted, the PM and even himself would have been behind bars by now. The president also said Fonseka knew nothing else other than taking revenge.
He said that if Fonseka continued in this manner, he, as the head of the cabinet, would expel him from the cabinet. The president ended the telephone conversation after saying that he now feared if Fonseka would take revenge from wild animals too.
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