GL’s extradition treaty makes criminals choose Abu Dhabi

Prof. G.L. Peiris signed an extradition treaty with the UAE (Abu Dhabi) when he was the foreign minister of the Rajapaksa regime. It will become Sri Lanka’s law once passed by parliament.

But, that agreement is one big issue. Simply put, it allows Abu Dhabi to ask Sri Lanka to extradite anyone wanted by them and Sri Lanka is bound to oblige, but Abu Dhabi is not bound by it to handover any suspects to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka cannot ask for the extradition of Udayanga Weeratunga, VAT mastermind Kuthubdeen, underworld leader Madhush. The secret of their choosing Abu Dhabi is this extradition law.

It is said that the black money of the Rajapaksas are hidden in Dubai. The then foreign ministry supervising MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena spent most of his time in Abu Dhabi. Being more powerful than the minister, Sajin must have written down the lines of the extradition treaty to Prof. Peiris.

This treaty has dumbfounded the attorney general’s department that is seeking Weeratunga’s extradition to Sri Lanka. The Dept. now can ask for a deportation order under the immigration and emigration act. However, a suspect gets deported to the port of embarkation only. So, Weeratunga will be sent to Ukraine or the US.

The plots hatched by the Rajapaksas are so difficult to unravel that they get more entangled when trying to unravel.

Prof. Peiris’ extradition agreement allows criminals to thrive in Abu Dhabi, while Sri Lanka can only look on helpless.

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